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Monthly Rental
Speed - up to
  • 4G HBB Trial 10
    10.500 BD
    10 Mbps
    70 GB
    Free Router /24 Months
    Free for 10 days
  • 4G HBB Trial 15
    15.750 BD
    15 Mbps
    140 GB
    Free Router /24 Months
    Free for 10 days
  • 4G HBB Trial 20
    21 BD
    25 Mbps
    200 GB
    Free Router /24 Months
    Free for 10 days
  • 4G HBB Trial 30
    31.500 BD
    30 Mbps
    300 GB
    Free Router /24 Months
    Free for 10 days
Activate eSIM for (BD5.250)*. In addition, an annual charge of BD5.250* is applicable

Try and Buy Offer:

1. Try and Buy Offer is valid for new Postpaid Plans only (Mobile & Broadband).


2. The trial period shall be non-chargeable for 10 days (the “Trial Period”). In the event that the subscriber does not exercise the right to terminate the subscription during the Trial Period by visiting any Zain’s shop, the subscriber confirms to acquire the subscription of the service plan in accordance with the Agreement(s). Accordingly, the relevant rental and charges of such service plan shall commence once the Trial Period expires.


3. In the event of broadband Try and Buy Offer, if the subscriber terminates the Offer, the subscriber must return the broadband device in a working condition without any apparent physical damage. In the event that the subscriber returns the broadband device damaged or not in such working condition, the subscriber shall be obligated to pay the amount of BD 100 immediately.


4. During the Trial Period:

        - International, roaming and values added services will be disabled.

        - Customers will not be able to get devices on installments and cannot subscribe to any service with commitment during the Trial Period.

        - Customer cannot upgrade or downgrade during the Trial Period.


5. The subscriber must sign the Try and Buy Offer and relevant Agreement(s).


6. Only Bahraini residents are eligible.