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Monthly Rental
Speed Up to
Monthly Allowance
Launch Offer**
Additional Allowance
Unlimited Internet
Extra Postpaid Mobile Benefits
4G Router
  • ​Home ​Broadband 12*
    ​​BD 12.600
    10 Mbps
    100 GB
    24 Months
  • Home ​Broadband 15***
    ​BD 15.750
    15 Mbps
    400 GB
    200 GB
    600GB / Unilimited
    5 GB
    24 Months

- 5% VAT inclusive
- All 4G devices are subject to VAT upfront amount BD1.2 

*Usage is limited to the threshold of the package selected. If consumed, you may easily add extra GBs through our once-off add-ons. (See the below table)
**Limited time offer.
***Usage is limited to the threshold of the package selected. If consumed, the service will downgrade to narrowband speeds

Service Once-Off Fee
Change of Owner BD 5.250
Change of Number BD 5.250
​Number Migration between Postpaid & Prepaid ​BD 5.250
​Port-in ​BD 4.200
​SIM Card Replacement ​BD 3.150
​New Line Registration ​BD 5.250
​Fixed late payment charge ​BD 3.150
​Downgrade package fees ​BD 5.250
Downgrade package fees with commitment ​BD 26.250

-5% VAT Inclusive