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Life is all about choice, and we always want to get the best of life. At Zain, we believe in making choices less complicated.

Postpaid packages are suited for frequent smartphone users. Talk, then pay. With postpaid, you can enjoy the most competitive voice, SMS and data tariffs; get a clear and itemised bill; pay no subscription fee for services like International Roaming, Picture messages and more.

Postpaid offers a range of product such as SIM-Only Plans or SIGNATURE Plans to choose from.If you are looking for the best mobile postpaid service – you have reached your destination.​

SIM ONLY Plans If you want a smartphone, our Postpaid plans are designed to complete your smartphone experience.

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Signature offers you an exclusive private membership to Signature Club designed by Zain. It recognises and rewards the most valued customers with the highest quality services and offers.

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